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Hugo (Hugs) Melgren
Writer wannabe trapped in an unfulfilling office job at the bank FastCredit, who finds himself in a Kafkaesque situation at his job after he secretly decided to start writing a novel during office hours instead of working. His boss in on his ass at work and at home his girlfriend wants a baby.

Careerist who wants nothing more than to rise to the top of the corporate ladder. She doesn’t want kids or anything that may get in the way of her ultimate goal of becoming a CEO at a Fortune 500 company. She may be a little sweet on Hugo.

Hugo’s girlfriend whose biological clock is ticking louder for every day that goes by. She wants nothing more than to put her youth behind her and become the quintessential modern, urban mom.

Frank T. Rex
Hugo’s boss. A balding little sycophant the top management hired to do their bidding. He’s hell bent on making Hugo’s life as difficult as possible. He says it’s not personal….but it is.

Bernie McQueen
An ageing ladies’ man, a pick-up artist who did both girls and Wallstreet back in the day. Now he’s the grand old master, dispensing advise on how to make it with the ladies and how to get away with doing as little as possible in the office.

Hugo’s buddy that works for another bank. Nick is a do-it-by-the-numbers robot when it comes to living life. Decently successful career (but not too successful, that would wrong!). He’s living the dream, a family man, thinning hair, house in burbs, car payments and credit card debt, the works.

FastCredit’s IT guy with anxiety problems and a corresponding dependence on Xanax. Very much into Science Fiction and Iron Maiden.

Middle-aged femme fatale that prances around the office in slutty clothes without ever doing much except flirting with younger men. She’s the boss of the marketing department and for some reason, she seems to have particular fondness for Hugo.

Also known as the Playboy boss, he is FastCredit’s CEO, with a fake tan, subtle lip gloss and a golf swing that rocks.

A colleague of Hugo’s who works for the Paris branch. She’s nasty in the sack.

Reception Lena
Answers phones and opens doors (literally, of course, not as in ‘creating opportunities’). She’ been accused of not having a sense of humor.

Abi….Abhi…Abhiman Hran….the Indian guy
Indian energizer bunny guy from the New York Office who asks questions like a machine gun.