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The first draft of The Jacket Trick was finished in 2009 and was written in Swedish. It was inspired partly by the events of the Financial Crisis of 2008. Although, the book is a work of fiction, there is a core of truth in the sense that I wrote much of the first draft during office hours, much in the same fashion as Hugs in the novel. Eventually, I felt that the soul of the story didn’t come through in Swedish and decided to translate the novel into English, a language more suited to the sarcastic style of humor I wanted. Working with the translation was a challenge by itself, but ultimately it came out much better than the original draft.

The greatest challenge about writing a story that takes place in an office is to make it a fun and interesting read. Many office stories are tedious simply because office work is tedious. It was my aim to write both a funny and a serious story in one, one that would make the reader laugh and think (at least a little) at the same time. The first draft of the novel contained more commentary about the financial crisis and office politics, but was ultimately deemed too boring for a fictional account. I didn’t want the reader to feel that reading my book was a similar experience to being in the office, actually working! The crisis was merged into the background in favor of Hugo’s personal struggle and life style issues, his shenanigans at the office, his relationships and sexual exploits, and the meta-humorous idea of breaking the fourth wall in literary form, material that is much more relatable for everyone and potentially endlessly more entertaining.

Again, I sincerely hope you enjoy the book. Head over to the Cast and Extras sections for more exciting content.