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Hugs Melgren always wanted to be a writer but like so many others he finds himself stuck in an unfulfilling office job. His career is going well, there are plans for a house and a baby, all promising a safe and comfortable life. But is it the one he really wants? Time flies by, the dream of becoming a writer keeps haunting him, but he finds himself just getting older and further away from it every day. One day he snaps and decides to risk everything, his job, his relationship, even his sanity, to fulfill his dream.

The Jacket Trick is a book about never giving up on your dreams... about being a frustrated artist forced to live in the real world, about mid-life crisis, about cheating your way through an office job... and, oh yes, about sex...

I hope you like the story.
André Hansson

23 Feb

Humans enjoy deleted scenes and blooper reels far more than original versions. Here we are! Finally, the deleted scenes you've been waiting for are available for reading. Enjoy!

20 Feb

Cast of characters now online!